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Supplemental CurriculumCPO Science    May 24, 2015
CPO Science
CPO Marble Launcher Curriculum Resource Guide and Equipment Kit
CPO Science

Supplement Your Curriculum With Hands-On Learning.

CPO Science Curriculum Resource Guides are stand alone, hands-on, leveled resources coordinated with the CPO Science equipment modules*. Each tough, sturdy three-ring binder is packed full of exciting hands-on investigations with three skill levels, teacher information, technology resources, full-color content reading, reproducible activities, and integrated assessment.

Curriculum Resource Guides provide a completely flexible hands-on alternative. You can choose one module and guide for a special topic; create a full hands-on curriculum across many science topics; or extend your current CPO Science Teaching and Learning program.

Newly expanded and updated, richly illustrated and full of student-ready activities, the Curriculum Resource Guides and CPO Science equipment provide you with a powerful tool for building and maintaining a high level of achievement for all students.

*Curriculum Resource Guides and equipment modules are sold separately.

Technology resources included with every Guide!

  • Teacher Resource CD-ROM
  • Equipment Set-up CD-ROM
  • Interactive Student DVD

The Three Level Advantage

All Curriculum Resource Guide investigations are organized in a unique three skill level structure to help you:

  • Implement differentiated learning strategies
  • Challenge each student at his or her own pace
  • Teach effectively in a multilevel classroom
  • Use one curriculum for different grades or classes
  Grades Activities Goals Math Skills
Level A
Success First
Upper Elementary/Lower Middle School Simple experiments with two variables Build confidence, practice teamwork Multiplication, division, ratios
Level B
Advanced Middle School/ Early High School Use measurement to discover science laws; apply scientific method Further explore concepts and apply to new situations Intro algebra, simple geometry, functions, graphing
Level C
High School, AP, students with advanced skills Deduction of science laws through experimental and theoretical analysis Extend/reinforce problem solving, analysis and application skills Algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus concepts
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