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School Specialty Science
Supplemental CurriculumCPO ScienceCurriculum Resource Guides and Equipment KitsLight and Optics    August 23, 2016
Light and Optics

Light and Optics Equipment Kit


Engage your students in fantastic hands-on activities that investigate light spectrum, lenses and mirrors, real and virtual images, constructive and destructive interference, polarization, color theory, and color mixing. Your students will discover critical angle and total internal reflection as it relates to modern technology and fiber optics.

Light and Optics includes: An 18" x 11" Magnetic Optics Table, 1 Laser Module, 3 Bright White LED Modules, 3 Colored Filters (Red, Green, Blue), 1 Circuitry Box, 1 Six Volt Transformer, 1 Triangular Prism, 2 Convex Lenses, 1 Plane Mirror, 5 Diffraction Glasses, 11" x 17" Graph Paper, 2 Magnetic Strips, 1 Double Convex Lens

Light and Optics CRG

Light and Optics Curriculum Resource Guide
Topics include: reflection, color mixing, polarization, diffraction, focal length of converging lenses, and determining the wavelength of a laser beam. Levels A, B, and C.

N792-1350-018 Light and Optics    
N492-3690-018 Curriculum Guide    
N792-1356-018 Classroom Package (6 sets of equipment and 1 Curriculum Guide)    


N392-3350-018 Diffraction Glasses (Pack of 30)    

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